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Amir Khan Boxer
Amir Khan Boxing Champian
Amir Khan Boxer Wallpaper
Amir Khan Boxer
Amir Khan Boxer Picture
If you know anything at all about boxing, then you would know that the name Amir Khan is about to become as synonymous with boxing as it is with Bollywood. The prize boxer (Amir Khan spelled with one A), who almost a month ago had a first round knockout in about a minute, is one of the most fascinating raising Desi Stars of 2010. The British-Pakistani boxer is now sparring partners with Manny Pacquaio, which is sure to make him and even better fighter than he already is. However, the thing that fascinated me about him the most was all his charity work. Even though he beats people up for a living, he’s an awesome person who has helped many. In July 2006 Khan became involved in the No Messin’ campaign, which promotes child safety around British railways. After the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, Khan went to Pakistan and handed out food parcels to children in a camp. He has also raised more than £6,000 for a firefighter who was badly burned while trying to save a family from an arson attack in Bolton. He has spent £1 million of his own cash on opening the Gloves Community Centre and boxing gym in Bolton to get youths off the streets. Check out my interview with King Khan himself, who just recently signed with Golden Boy Promotions.

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